4 Easy Steps For Fundraising – 2012 Best Buddies Friendship Walk

Having a difficult time raising money for your Best Buddies Friendship Walk team? Here are a few tips that will help you reach your fundraising goal!


Team captains should encourage team members to each raise $50 or more. Enclosed are fund-raising tips for team captains to share with team members. You will be surprised at how many people you know and what a resource they can be in the process. People are especially understanding of fund-raising efforts these days, particularly when it is for such a great cause like Best Buddies. Here are some ideas of whom you might add to your list.

  • Family: Your parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family and even your own children.
  • Friends and Associates: Your friends, coworkers, neighbors, PTA, religious groups, alumni groups, etc.
  • Businesses You Visit Often: Your doctors office, dry cleaners, stores and restaurants in which you frequent etc.
  • Your Lists: Your holiday card list, address book, club lists, chamber lists, professional group lists


What makes the solicitation letter so successful is how little time it takes to send a good deal of information to a large amount of people. With every letter you mail, you should include a pledge form with your walker information on it and a return envelope.

  • Set a Deadline: People are generally motivated by deadlines. This is a good way for you to assess your progress before it is too late.
  • Explain the Donation Process: Be sure to give step by step directions on the donation process.
  • Track Your Letters: This will not only help you send follow-up notes but it will also come in handy when you send out your thank you notes after the event.


To assist you in your e-mail fund-raising campaign, we highly recommend that you utilize the e-mail fundraising engine we have provided you at the event website. By utilizing this service you will greatly increase the options potential donors have to donate. Track who is responding to your requests and manage your fund-raising progress.


Encourage your team to conduct team fund-raisers as a way to raise money for the Friendship Walk. Here are some great ideas to give you a head start. With any of these suggestions, be creative.

  • Throw a Restaurant Party: If you are going to throw a party, try to get everything donated by local establishments. Make a deal with a local establishment and charge everyone coming in a minimum cover charge/donation. $10-15 is usually a great start.
  • Host a Party at Your Home: In order to charge at the door, you will have to think up a theme. You can try to get food and drink donated from local establishments for your party to help cover your personal expenses. Be sure that everyone knows they are paying for a great cause and have plenty of information sheets and additional pledge forms on hand in case they want to learn or give even more!
  • Have a Raffle: Enlist the help of some friends and hit your community to get prizes donated. These prizes can be anything from clothing, artwork, and spa treatments to dinner, movie passes or tickets to sporting events.
  • Hit the Schools: A great way to get your kids involved is by reaching out to their schools. Kids are great fund-raisers. Speak with the principal of the school and ask if he/she would sponsor a pizza party for the class or homeroom that raises the most money for Best Buddies.
  • Casual Days or Raffle a Free Day Off: Ask your boss to agree to a casual day for everyone who donates a certain amount of money. See if your boss will agree to a free day off raffle, where the winning person gets one extra vacation day added to their total.
  • Gift Matching: Ask the company where you work if they match money given to non-profit organizations or charities. If they do, the company doubles what each co-worker personally donates, making your process even that much easier. Also have your donors ask if their companies do. You can find a sampling of companies who participate in the matching gift program. Each company is different on how often they cut checks.

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