BBLC: Inclusion Revolution — Our Most Successful Live Webcast, Ever

The 23rd annual Best Buddies International Leadership Conference: Inclusion Revolution was a phenomenal success. A record breaking 1,500 hearts and minds in the auditorium shared their passion for our mission during the ceremonies at Indiana University. The buddies on stage gave the world great insight into their personal struggles, their successes and the impact Best Buddies has had on their lives. Over the weekend we all laughed, cried, danced – and in some cases cringed.  Any way you slice it, the energy was unbelievable and there is no doubt that our mission is beginning to make its mark on society. It was a beautiful event.

In 2009 we began delivering the weekends ceremonies and educational sessions to our home viewers via live web stream. Since then its been my pleasure to oversee this portion of the event and watch our broadcast slowly grow.

Technologically, the live stream was the strongest it’s ever been. Filming on cutting edge High Definition cameras, our broadcast was replicated over 105,000 Akamai broadcast servers worldwide improving our global time to live from last year to 2 seconds. Nearly 700 viewers attended the event using mobile devices. And for the first time our home viewers were able to interact with our audience live via Twitter social networking.

Now in our 4th year broadcasting via live web stream, we shared the magic of LC with more people in more places than ever before. In 2011 our broadcast impact numbers were 2, 245 views spanned over 37 states and 14 countries. We came back with a vengeance in 2012, setting a new record in international attendance with 28 countries. Among our global audience were: Canada, Peru, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Greece, Australia, Bermuda, China, Mexico, Panama, UK, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, Spain, Finland, Lebanon, Liberia, New Zealand, Qatar, Singapore, Slovakia and Turkey.

Domestically we saw our traffic increase considerably to 46 states (including Alaska). In total 4,866 successful connections were made to for the live stream over the 3 days of conference, making it the highest attended Best Buddies event in history.

Many thanks to all of the buddies, students, and BB staff, as well as all our friends at Indiana University, especially Eric Garabrant, David Gonzalez and Matt Stonecipher for making this broadcast possible.

See you in 2013!

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