Lindsey and Jossel, e-Buddies since 2013

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We are thrilled to introduce you to Lindsey and Jossel for our last Monday Mission Moment for Best Buddies Month 2015. Lindsey and Jossel have been matched in our e-Buddies program since 2013. e-Buddies is a Best Buddies e-mail pen-pal program that connects people all over the world with similar interests in one-to-one friendships.

While Lindsey and Jossel live in different states, the two have formed a friendship as close as any other. Check out what the pair has to say about their friendship below.

Pic 1 - Lindsey


From Lindsey:

This is my fourth year being a participant in e-Buddies and I can honestly say the program has changed my life.  I have no plans to stop participating in the program at any point soon since I have gained many new email “pen pals” through e-Buddies.

Jossel and I were matched up last year and we quickly discovered we had a lot in common, which made it relatively easy for us to quickly form a genuine email friendship.  We both shared one huge similarity which was that were graduating from high school with the Class or 2014- obviously at different schools- Jossel from California and myself from Arizona. We liked to talk about the festivities that our high schools did during the time leading up to graduation and how excited were we were to get our caps and gowns and graduate from high school so we could be done with the final exams, AIMS tests and drama that came from some of our friends.

This year, we email about my job at Medtronic through Project SEARCH, my involvement in Best Buddies and how the organization has impacted my life, her time in college and anything else. We’ve developed a strong friendship throughout the past two years. When I hear from her, I am always so happy and I smile with a huge smile from ear to ear.

From Jossel:

I’m very grateful for the friendship I cultivated with Lindsey through e-Buddies with Lindsey. It’s a lot of fun getting to know someone who’s quite a bit a ways from me. Through her words I feel Lindsey’s passion and enthusiasm for everything she does, and that’s something that inspires me, with every email I get, to be more involved in life and look with a positive eye. Lindsey’s perspective of the world is refreshing, and sometimes the very thing I need when I’m going through a tough time. I’m glad to call her my friend.

Pic 4 - Jossel


Lindsey and I talk about a wide variety of things, practically everything. We talk about our favorite music, favorite movies, school, work, things we love to do. We both just graduated this summer and are at turning points in our lives, and it’s nice to share that with someone who’s experiencing it differently and taking a different path.

Lindsey is also involved in Best Buddies as the Buddy Director for her chapter at Arizona State University and as a member of the Best Buddies Young Leaders Council. Jossel is currently in school in Minnesota and is looking into starting a Best Buddies chapter at her college.

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