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2013 Friendship Updates Mobile Contest Winners

2013 Friendship Updates Mobile Contest Winners

Congratulations to Anthony Bishop and John Patterson from Brigham Young University, the winners of the 2013 Friendship Updates Mobile contest.  During November, Anthony and John submitted more than 100 individual updates using the mobile app!

November was a busy month for Anthony and John.  In addition to talking on the phone and texting almost every day, they also went out to celebrate Anthony’s birthday, attended basketball and volleyball games, watched the movie, “Thor,” and shared dinner with Anthony’s family.

As John put it,

“Anthony has become one of my best friends. I am so grateful for his friendship and for his example. He really is my best buddy.”

What a great example of the Best Buddies mission in action!


To learn more about Best Buddies and how you can be a part of a life-changing friendship with a person with an intellectual or developmental disability, visit

Friendship Updates Mobile Contest To Launch November 1


In August of 2013, Best Buddies International launched the Friendship Updates mobile web application (app). This app allows matched buddy pairs to easily submit Friendship Updates using a mobile device of their choice.  These Friendship Updates are a great way to share amazing experiences in Best Buddies, and provides our organization with valuable feedback that allows us to improve our programs. Read More…

Indiana University Auditorium Will Be “Home Sweet Home” For Opportunity Village’s Michael Carlo

Michael and Vanessa

Accompanied by their vocal coach, Daryll Borges, Michael and Vanessa perform a duet in the Opportunity Village music studio. | Photo Credit: TOMMY WARD/R-JENERATION 

Michael was born in Cleveland, Ohio with a deep love of music. He later moved to Las Vegas with his parents, Rosie and Mark, in 1997.  Shortly after that, he welcomed his brother, Vito, to the family.  The brothers are very close despite the age difference (8 years), and Vito is his number one supporter among his ever-growing fanbase. Read More…

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