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Indiana University Auditorium Will Be “Home Sweet Home” For Opportunity Village’s Michael Carlo

Michael and Vanessa

Accompanied by their vocal coach, Daryll Borges, Michael and Vanessa perform a duet in the Opportunity Village music studio. | Photo Credit: TOMMY WARD/R-JENERATION 

Michael was born in Cleveland, Ohio with a deep love of music. He later moved to Las Vegas with his parents, Rosie and Mark, in 1997.  Shortly after that, he welcomed his brother, Vito, to the family.  The brothers are very close despite the age difference (8 years), and Vito is his number one supporter among his ever-growing fanbase. Read More…

BBLC: Inclusion Revolution — Our Most Successful Live Webcast, Ever

The 23rd annual Best Buddies International Leadership Conference: Inclusion Revolution was a phenomenal success. A record breaking 1,500 hearts and minds in the auditorium shared their passion for our mission during the ceremonies at Indiana University. The buddies on stage gave the world great insight into their personal struggles, their successes and the impact Best Buddies has had on their lives. Over the weekend we all laughed, cried, danced – and in some cases cringed.  Any way you slice it, the energy was unbelievable and there is no doubt that our mission is beginning to make its mark on society. It was a beautiful event. Read More…

Reflections on BBLC Opening Ceremonies

I would hesitate before saying I went to Best Buddies Leadership Conference (BBLC) Opening “Ceremonies” last night. I think of ceremonies as rather formal, dry events where people give speeches and hand out awards. While that did happen, I don’t think “ceremonies” was the proper term for the night. It is much more likely we all attended the BBLC opening PARTY or CONCERT. Maybe I’m a BBLC rookie, but last night’s event was much too fun to be called a mere ceremony.

Read More…

#BBLC: Supplying Valuable & Useful Knowledge

One of the most important goals of leadership conference is to supply valuable and useful knowledge to our participants so that they may continue to be effective and innovative leaders when they return to their communities. There are three separate tracks for middle schools, high schools and colleges. Read More…

Have you heard about our #BBLC livestream?

If you aren’t able to make it to Leadership Conference this year, make sure to check it out for free online! We will be livestreaming our opening and closing ceremonies, as well as our Saturday morning educational sessions. This is the schedule of livestreamed events:

  • Friday, July 20: 8 PM – 10 PM (opening ceremony)
  • Saturday, July 21: 8:30 AM – 12 PM (educational sessions)
  • Sunday, July 22: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (closing ceremony)

Note that all times are in Eastern Standard Time. To view our livestream, visit our website at or!

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A First Taste Of Bloomington

Today, the first staff arrived in Bloomington to prepare for Leadership Conference! Upon arriving around 1 PM, I was introduced to its charm. This college town definitely has character and, better yet, the nicest people. Local establishments are well aware of the impact of Best Buddies, and they show it! Soma, a nearby coffee shop, decorated its window welcoming us to Bloomington.

I can’t wait to see what else Bloomington and its residents have to offer. If you’ve never been here, get ready for great hospitality. And Bloomington better get ready, as an INCLUSION REVOLUTION 1,500 strong takes over the city.

Official LC countdown: 5 more days!

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