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Emilio Estefan & Martin Lugo: Best Buddies

Thursday, August 3, 2012 — Best Buddies participant Martin Lugo enjoyed a day he’s bound to never forget. Lugo met musician and producer Emilio Estefan for a photo shoot at Crescent Moon Studios, Estefan’s recording studio based in Miami. Read More…

Why I’m Involved With Best Buddies

Hola! My name is Nick Balkevicius, and I have been involved with Best Buddies for 5 years. Being a part of Best Buddies has been one of the best things I have ever done. It has taught me to treat all human beings with the respect that they deserve, and that nobody deserves to be picked on because of what they look like or who they are. Here is the story of how Best Buddies entered my life. Read More…

Best Buddies – Truly Rewarding on so Many Levels

Sometimes you participate in a group or an event because you “have to,” but then there are those rare times that you participate in something because you really want to – for me this can easily be said about my experience with Best Buddies. This sentiment is equally shared by my wife Julia and my boys, Nick and Anthony. Read More…

Ozzie Guillen Continues to Support Best Buddies

Kristian Chima and Ozzie Guillen

Kristian Chima and Ozzie Guillen

Miami Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen made Buddy Ambassador Kristian Chima’s day this past Monday. The two met up at Marlins Park—the extraordinary new home of the Miami Marlins baseball team—for a joint photo shoot and public service announcement (PSA). Read More…

Best Buddies Curaçao

Best Buddies Curaçao was launched in 2008 under the umbrella of Totolika, an association for parents of children with disabilities. Arthur Nivillac, Project Coordinator for Best Buddies Curaçao, participated in the Best Buddies International Leadership Conference that same year and during the conference, Arthur witnessed his student leader Christopher Nelson, embrace the Best Buddies mission.

Upon witnessing this, Arthur was confident that the project would be an excellent fit in his native home of Curaçao. With a population of less than 150,000 people, Curaçao has 4 chapters in High Schools and Colleges making friends and making a difference.

After their first year of being matched, the friends came together for a party to say good bye. Many of the Peer Buddies were off to continue their studies in the Netherlands. It was very emotional because the friends had become so close over the course of the year.

As the new school year begins and the chapters reconvene, new frontiers of friendship lie ahead. As they say in Curaçao – No tin riba un amigo: there is nothing better than a friend.

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